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Decorative Fairy Starry LED Bulb (2 Pack)

Decorative Fairy Starry LED Bulb (2 Pack)

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This Ameriluck Starry LED bulb features an eccentric playful design that are a crowd favorite among children and adults alike. It is perfect for special birthdays, events and especially finds use during the holiday season

Key Features:

  • 32 LED diodes that twinkle an array of RGB colors 
  • Stylish and decorative, perfect for indoor and outdoor use, bedrooms and living rooms to garages and backyards alike
  • Ideally placed on string lights and the perfect replacement for indoor or outdoor decorative lights
  • Energy efficient illuminating to up to 200 lumens of brightness yet consuming only 2.5W
  • 100% certified safe for use, non-toxic, mercury and lead free, no harmful UVA or infrared radiation emitted.
  • 1-Year no questions asked warranty guaranteed



 Question   Answer
can these be turned to just white or no color? Yes, they can be truned to just white (warm white), with 3 levels brightness adjustable. 
Can these bulbs be used in a regular 60 watt outdoor porch light fixture? YES THEY FIT JUST LIKE A REGULAR BULB. THEY ARE THE SIZE OF A REGULAR BULB, AS LONG AS YOUR FIXTURE FITS A STANDARD BULB. In response to the other answer, with a frosted fixture, the effect is cool on the frosted glass but will not put out enough light to read a book by 😁 
Can you plug in multiple strands together? Hello Adam, 
Yes, they are linkable up to 6 units (144' in total) end to end. 
do all the lights have to be the same color or is there a setting that allows for multicolors across the string? Hello Aaron, 
Yes, all the bulbs have the same color sychronically. 
Thank you for asking. 
Can turn on but certain colors work and some don’t. I think there is a programming issue that based on the manual I synced them but still not gettin Hello Brad, 
Please try to raise a little bit the contact(brass) on the bottom of the socket (Remember to turn off the power before you do this). 
Then screw the bulb in as deep as you can. 
By improving the contating, all the colors should work. 
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Ameriluck is a brand that values transparency and building good relationships with our valued customers. As a result of this we employ a no questions asked warranty policy for all our American customers. If for any reason your Ameriluck products are damaged, malfunctioning or have any issues, Ameriluck will take full responsibility of your product for up to 2-Years after the purchase date on most items.

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