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PAR38 Outdoor Flood Light Bulbs (Glass Lens)

PAR38 Outdoor Flood Light Bulbs (Glass Lens)

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The PAR38 LED Outdoor Flood Light Bulbs are an Ameriluck EXCLUSIVE design featuring our specially designed glass filter which mimics the performance of conventional halogen PAR38 bulbs.

  • No warm up times for an instant on unlike CFL bulbs, turn the switch and light instantly with full brightness.
  • Gorgeous Display: 80+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) for vibrant light quality.
  • Shatter proof, omni-directional with standard E26 medium screw bases.
  • Illuminates at the equivalency of a 90W halogen bulb providing 900+ lumens but only consumes 13W for 85.6% in energy savings!
  • Flickering-free, NVF<10% and zero harsh glares prevents eye fatigue and provides a comfortable, stress-free atmosphere. 
  • These AmeriLuck PAR38 LED bulbs are dimmable, they are compatible with most dimmers on the market.
  • Perfect for indoor & outdoor use, these bulbs have standard E26 base/120V for most fixtures. Ideal for indoor/outdoor track lighting fixtures and perfect for indoor 4in ceiling cans.
  • Extremely long lasting, each bulb is expected to deliver 15,000 hours of light.
  • 2-Year no questions asked warranty guaranteed.



 Question   Answer
what does wet rated really mean? Can it operate with rain falling on it? Yes, it can be used in any wet locations. 
It operate with rain falling on it 
What diameter? 4 1/2 inches 
Do you have this one in 4000k? also do you have this one with the candelabra base in 3000 or 4000k? thanks Sorry, currently we don't have the items you mentioned. 
dimensions shown: assembled height 3.48" assembled length 20.5" assembled width 2.5" what is the actual length and diameter of the bulb? Hello, it's 2.5" in diameter and 3.48" in length. Sorry for the confusion. 
Are these dimmable? They were returned if I remember correctly, not the right colour light for my purposes. 
Country of origin? china 
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Ameriluck is a brand that values transparency and building good relationships with our valued customers. As a result of this we employ a no questions asked warranty policy for all our American customers. If for any reason your Ameriluck products are damaged, malfunctioning or have any issues, Ameriluck will take full responsibility of your product for up to 2-Years after the purchase date on most items.

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