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Suction Shower Grab Bars

Suction Shower Grab Bars

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AmeriLuck suction grab bars are an easy and safe solution for seniors looking for extra support in the shower. The suction grab bars are powerful, sturdy and 100% safe for use.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for the elderly or seniors looking for extra security in the shower
  • Indicators on both sides of the suction cup will change from red to green when a safe and secure hold is achieved. Before each use, test the firmness of the suction device and ensure both indicators are GREEN. If the adhesion seems insufficient, release the suction assist bar and reattach again.
  • No tool installation just follow our quick and easy steps!
  1. Clean the rubber discs and the surface it is to be attached to thoroughly.
  2. Press as hard as possible against the wall till the green indicators show up.
  3. Press down on the flip-up easy release tabs, you will feel negative pressure. The greater the pressure, the better the suction.
  4. (Installation Manual included if you have any issues)


  • This suction grab bar works only on tile sizes larger then 4"x4"
  • The suction discs can not be mounted on grout seams.
  • Make sure there is no textures on the shower wall/
  • Mounting surface must be flat and smooth for application
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